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We can make two senses of the title.One,the net refers to the internet.The other,the net refers to something which limits our life,at some extent,my life only.But I didn’t add "the" to it because the net is everywhere,it’s not alone.
When somebody wants to understand others,the language the two parties use must be understood by them.So one day,after the ending of our relationship,he sent one sentence like this:Ling,in French or in English,please.I got lost.
No one has ever told me that words could still be sent between two persons while their warm relationship is in cutting.But…Manytimes the memory hidden in the taste of that ice-cream rise in my mind,and I just appreciate it so much in my heart.
Once I said to a friend that a goog woman will make a man she love better.This is so-called a successful marrige.But now I find I was still a child.He is still there,never leaving,never faraway.I was too stupid to make that stupid decision.But he is still there.Talking to me.
Ok,anyway,the life must continue.It goes on and on and on…never stop,even my life ends.Memories make my life longer than it acturely is.My friends make my life more fascinating than it should be.Love it,and leave it.It’s also not my point.

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5 Responses to back to net

  1. william says:

    Like ur place quite a lot…. hope u\’ll also visit mine~~~ Fightin\’…

  2. Alain says:

    Just call me

  3. says:

             When you believe!

  4. says:


  5. says:


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