Edison said:1%inspiration and 99% perspiration.We’ve heard that thousands of times,and the perspiration always emphasized.But inspiration,is the basic of perspiration.If you give out your perspiration on the event you’ve got no inspiration,it will finally becomes a tragedy.
Love is just the same.If you fall in love with the one who’ve got no inspiration on you,then it’s totally a tragedy.
Many times it plays on again and again.Tearing just like the big big rain outside the window.
Last time on the bus back to university,我十指芊芊撩动筝弦,假想空气中有筝音缥缈,口中轻吟把昏黄灯光凝宵。And everytime I see those in music becomes sensitive.Quelquechose can love,or memorize,or look in my eyes and know what I think.
We always really care the one who makes us smile some time,wheather he or she you can live with or not.And millions of simple things can make me moved and feel that life is so shining.Cooking,walking for a while,talking something meaningless with friends,that’s enough for me sometimes.
Singing my own words,imagine making love and trying to get used to something not so fantastic.It’s ok.But it’s not.

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