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评 爱情呼叫转移

看完走到外面,觉得浑身发冷。不知是穿得过于单薄天气转凉的缘故,还是心里透出来的凉寒。这是一个用符号堆砌起来的表象电影,充斥了太多的象征以至思绪挤满了却找不到顺序。电影的拍摄技巧无疑是稚嫩的,电影的人物形象无疑是扁平的。每个女人都变得仅仅是一些典型了的现象载体,称不上人,被重点刻画的主角徐朗,也不饱满,很单一的想法简单的拼凑被导演定位为他的男性角色。比较失败。 当然导演有聪明的地方,一面自己因单方面的男性话语权而损失观众,结局中徐朗的老同学作为一名女性也有那个手机,意味着她也经过了许多的体验,而在徐朗身上找到了依托。这让更多的女性观众得以接受。 它是浅层次的,浅得很铺开,让大家都能有些想法,这又是好的,想法种种中有个永恒话题就是爱情。 每个人,都会问过自己:   hehe,not so good for me to fini it.So just a movie , perfact one, for you: 情欲写真

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Small things make you happy

Updated: 2007-04-06 09:15 Living in modern society brings anxious, usually coming from work and life both. Sometimes even little things make us upset. How to deal with the worries and realx ourselves? Here are some advices which may help and … Continue reading

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Death Thomas Nagel (translated) another

If death is the permanent and exact end of our life, then a problem appears: whether death is a bad thing. Upon this problem, everyone has his own opinion. Some may think it terrible, others may not stand against the … Continue reading

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