what’s important to us?My friends.
Those things we thought important are always be involved into the markets,become one aspect of business,one excuse for money,and become no more important and just vividly still.
I found and threw,continiously.When I threw,I felt confused but never sad.
Today,I smiled to a baby and he smiled back.Too shiny,and waving his little hands and legs,I thought I heard his "yiya yiya" even though it’s not so clear.I tried to hold his hand,and he didn’t refuse.To give me a suprise,he replied me by his fingers.That moment,I really felt that I became clean again,colorless simple happiness.Feeling my existence is certainty,lovely and being needed ever.
Most of us aliving,maybe all for one stupid word:improve.To improve.But improvement is just for others,not for selves.Mais what’s the importance of others?We hold all emotions to treasure them,but they toujour stay one period and go away.Some might come back,visiting.Some would leave forever.
There’re too many people in Shanghai Citi,too many,making me feel tired often,but no reason exactly.Sunking among the crowds and feeling that my existence turns not clean,not light and not lovely back.
The eyesight of strangers,always makes you feel that you are just nobody.It’s a good lesson.Who said I remember,don’t take yourself too seriously.
Mais there should be something you feel really important,it will lead out a direction,and life will be easier for you to control maybe.
For me,it’s better to find one can share the same view of importance of me,one can toujour keeping me company,though it’s just a wish,I hope my heart would not be so wandering.
Giggling,who knows.

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5 Responses to Importance

  1. says:

               attach importance to…

  2. 灵 Ling says:

     sad always

  3. says:

           I can be your hero, baby. 

  4. 灵 Ling says:


  5. says:

          There is nothing impossible… 

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