It’s really hard to say sometimes.Life is so hard and hard to continue.But we never know
When love is shared,you could be like me,all the time take care of that one,the one you thought should also take care of you,understand you,know you well and with a wide mind and gentle to keep company with you going through all that life.Sometimes I want to record all the words we had in our conversations because they are so phylosaphy and nice and elegent and so true and sad and worth continuing.All that moments need being treasured that Nicethers is a stupid guy, even Qian is.All who give up life is.
When the two hands of two people could hold together,there’re also some different possibilities.Or one holds another Or they hold each-others’.They are totally different.If it’s the first case,I feel very sorry for the one who hold the hand of the other’s;Mais maybe it’s better to feel sorry for the other one,because it’s so great a pity that he or she can’t feel the so lovely love the one set for him or her.SO great a pity it is.
It also,could be so long that two person accept each other with understanding and forgiveness the most of time.You might be influenced by the other,you kiss together and even more,tearing together.But still,every confusion continuing,growing and canceled and reappear.You do all you can,kill a part of you to do all efforts to comfort the one you suppose the half part you share,so,it’s obviously it’s the reason that life is bitter most of the time.
When you are in such moments, yes, it’s true.But at the end,it’s not like that.
I invite you all,we together,to appreciate them all.After all waving emotions,calmly appreciating all.They exist,they do a meaning for themselves,they alive,they lead lifes vividly,all life is marvalous.Some of them are ugly for you maybe,boring,discusting,silly or more more over.But surely surely I am,they are loved by someone,that’s why they moving with the universe until they reach their time,whether willingly or not.
When a friend say hello to you,when your pussy feels lightening all over,when you smile with all your tears full of your heart and whole,how could sb. say that you are not the most beautiful person,only for that short short moment even though.My dears,love is a so necessary and difficile thing for the nature,especially true true real love to those particularly so rare people.So few,but I insist.Could you see my eyes,my dear?
Whenever you are sad,it’s common,just to look into the eyes of the one in love for you,and to be,together.


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2 Responses to 说不清,道不明

  1. says:

         而只要你活着就会碰到最糟糕的日子,但是也会有最好的时侯.那就是人生.     >@^_^@<

  2. y says:

    Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get!

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