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Peter Garnham

The sliding dollar has presented custodians of the world’s massive foreign exchange reserves with a conundrum. Countries such as China and those in the Gulf, which peg their currencies to the dollar, risk inflationary pressure that has the potential to … Continue reading

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ABBA put an old song in MAMAMIA,it’s "money money money" when a whole nation consider money as the center , without and modest or sth like that , could be very horrible. Do a decision, then accept all the things … Continue reading

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人民公园门口开了个壹咖啡,在哈根达斯旁边,一元一杯,售货窗口前长龙不断。不乏外国人。有个打工仔乐呵呵捧着咖啡朝远处的同伴打招呼:呵呵,我又喝了一杯。 等了将近二十分钟四号线,上车时只能用四个字形容,百无聊赖。一个打扮入时还算漂亮的女孩子和某蛤蟆男脸对脸装亲热;一个歌手嗓音嘶哑摊簸箕她唱了两手搓了两次歇了两口鞠了两躬潇洒出走。没有金钱,这在这土地上算个大大的意外。 小冰冰给的舞台剧红楼梦票,观感:可怜的曹雪芹若知道了,非掘地三尺从坟里蹦出来咆哮不可;陈薪伊,这是导演的名字。 有两句话得到广大国际友人的首肯:Chinese, never mind.In China, we never know.

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Richard McGregor

A year after China broke its peg with the US dollar to launch what it labelled as a new and more flexible currency regime, Bo Xilai, China’s commerce minister, was still fretting about the adverse impact on exporters of a … Continue reading

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