Now look at China


“Now the visa is ok again. Finally the Olympics gets over.”

“Yep, the pollution and food-panic gets back as well.”

It’s a common talk between a foreinger and a Chinese. Together with a comic, drawing a bird with anti-virus mask, saying: No milk today, thx.

The two giants sunk in upset in Sept. America was busy with funerals for the bond houses; China mavalously swift to sadness, anger and panic from the great August and the Spaceship.

Let’s count a bit the history: the crash-down of the coal mine in Shanxi Province, the fire hazard happened in a ballroom in Guangdong Province, the global-wellknown SANLU milk case. What follows up is the hamonious and efficient China image turns to the stiff face of the governmentthe demoralization in business circle, and the absence of the supervision by medias. LAOBAIXING(the way that Communist Party normally call the people) are pushed to suffer all these. Even they want to get a way show their angers, while there’s no way can be found. What’s more, hardly there’s a person know how to turn the anger to an working-out effect. Bankers in USA lose their jobs, people here lost their life.

The Shenzhou 7th Spaceship and the dead-baby by renal calculus, now are the two angles to understand China better. China gets the biggest dam in the world, the “best”(in fact the most expensive) Olympics, the 7 spaceships in few years, and wonderfully the rapid growing-up of the economics; meanwhile China gets the worse education, the wild pollution, the low value of the human beings, and the unvisable future.

To show a figurative use of speech, the forehand China is a huge machine, then the second one is the fuel. The forehand one, made by the inner circles of the government and the elits in business & cultural circles in the last 20 years, lacks the difference between the priciples and moral, simultaneously exists the conflicts between the benefits and interest. They are not controlled by any politic power, the money from their monopolistic capital combines together with the Social Darwinism. They use gold build their enclosure, however they still can feel the intranquilness and dysphoria outside it. They are proud of themselves, they are frail as well. Disbalancing between the insolence and excessively sensitiveness surround them, day by day they sink in self-denial and self-deception deeper.

The second China, stays like sands for long time, no organization, no fixate, no continuous force. And most of them, choose to keep silent, stay quiet, accept folkwayly, make selves be better is all they wish. To be simple, they want get into the golden enclosure too.

Corruption, pollution, public “accident”, tremendous disparity between the rich and the impoverished, all these challenges are facing failures of courage and imagination. This giant with a big and weak head, easy to be excited and easy to get hurt. She knows the problems, the reasons and just turn her face back and close her eyes. Now the children of the families in the golden enclosure are going abroad, get restart the tracks for self-deception and self-excuse.

And the rest, or be witnesses, or be victims.

Now people can call China a teenager, and she pays a bit too much for the growth.

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