Wut internet brings us?

Recently I devote most of the time in building-up our SNS new version of trueart.com, as a reference, mtime.com is a very good sample of a movie portal website plug-in SNS interactive multi-functions.

Today I was viewing the personal-date of one blog page, she says her favorite film-critic is a guy called Kavka Lu, who is dead. Then I searched it on site, found Kavka died from car accident, while his blog is still vivid, the last update was in April 2007, two days before his death. Some friends who knew him only through his blog, some met him in some live film events. Most of the comments are quite emotional and moving, say they will remember always this movie friend, although he’s not anymore in this human world, while hopefully he’ll still enjoy movie life in heaven, and the blog will be always there.

So, the internet is a media, platform, a world, a life for people. Like all the other real spaces.

And that fact brings me even stronger belief that there’ll be as much as, even stronger intense life either online & offline.

Good day my dears, the holiday is coming btw.

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