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Over your cities grass will grow – A film of the work of Anselm KIEFER

Directed by Sophie FIENNES A film of the work of Anselm KIEFER http://www.overyourcities.com/pressReviews.html OVER YOUR CITIES GRASS WILL GROW bears witness to German artist Anselm Kiefer’s alchemical creative processes and renders as a film journey the personal universe he has … Continue reading

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Top 10 Museum by Art Newspaper

作者:Mike Collett-White 编译:顾灵 由《艺术报》(The Art Newspaper)发起的以每日参观人数为主要数据考量的2009年度十佳展览排行日前揭榜,东京国立美术馆(Tokyo National Museum)主办的来自興福寺(Kohfukuji temple)全日本最珍贵的佛像及佛教珍品的展览“阿舒拉节”(Ashura)荣登榜首,平均每日参观者达15960人次,全年总参观人数达946172,远超排在第二位的奈良国立美术馆(Nara National Museum)的“第六十一届年度将曹中珍宝展”(61st Annual Exhibition of Shoso-in Treasures),后者平均每日参观者达14965人次。 排在第三四位的分别是东京国立美术馆的“帝王珍藏展”(Treasures of the Imperial Collections,平均9,473人/日) 与国立西方艺术博物馆(National Museum of Western Art)“卢浮宫17世纪绘画精品展”(17th Century Painting from the Louvre,平均9,267人/日)。 法国Quai Branly 博物馆的“第二届摄影双年展”(2nd Photoquai Biennale)吸引了平均每日7,868名参观者,排名第五;紧随其后的是法国巴黎大皇宫Grand Palais的“毕加索与大师们”(Picasso and the Masters,平均7,270人/日) … Continue reading

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