No one really cares others,only selves…but,hope the “but”exists

Joyeux anniverser! from afar love
I feel rather sad but don’t know why.Tears falling down without any noices,and times flying passing by.The sun,the moon,raised and fell without any noices,too.
Many people,friends,families,loves,sending greetings and presents to me;but the most cruel thing in the world is that one feel really lonely inside though she is in a hot-like world around.Flowers,neckrings,cards and cakes all come but I’m still in deep sad.
Man,human beings living to satisfying theimselves,welcoming and along the doorway of the time,all along the good life ahead.We run all the ways there to find qc. to be here.We find qc. not worthwhile,so we throw them left behind.The most hurting thing in the world should be feeling nothing,feeling out of place also.
So much things passed,the pure sadness for the first time deep in my heart bottom side.The sky can be absolutely dark,and I’d never be absolutely lonely.Kiss,love,found,forgiven.Always continuing,laughing,hidden tears,to laugh at all those petit stupid things.

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