Death Thomas Nagel (translated) another

If death is the permanent and exact end of our life, then a problem appears: whether death is a bad thing.

Upon this problem, everyone has his own opinion. Some may think it terrible, others may not stand against the death itself although they hope that they won’t die early or even suffer from it. On the one hand, life is all we have, the lose of it can be the biggest lose we may ever own. On the other hand, death avoids the imaginary lost of itself and just be a break instead of and everlasting condition. Which, however, is impossible for human beings to imagine. So we can make it clear that death is meaningless.

Now the question I want to ask is that whether death itself is a bad thing or not. And if it is, how big aftereffects it can make. Some who believe there can be some reforms of everlasting can also be interested in the question. Because people’s attitudes towards everlasting always depend on their attitudes towards death.

If it is bad, then the reason is just the things, especially those good things, it takes away from us. Experiencing is necessary for everyone. We think it as just a pipe in our life that death stays the opposite of life.


Before we agree with the upper, another question should be solved first. It’s how the standards of good or bad base on the basic of suppose. All problems just relate to time. Of course many times it’s difficult for us to judge one is happy or sad. Someone obtains this feeling by the surroundings of that spectacular time. Also including history himself.

Last, we put our focus on the direction of time going. If we can ensure that we just treat those common limits of our life (i.e.: death) as normal limit of our nature. Then it can not be called “sorrow”. Living representative numerous possibilities of continuing. Life is good but if it’s got no end, may it become bad?




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          生命总是有走到尽头的时刻,世间生物经历生、老、病、死,无论是想自杀的;或是其他原因接近死亡,求生的欲望都是那么的强烈; 不管死亡对于我们来说是多么的可怕;我们总归是要面对的;珍惜有限的生命去创造无限的美好,我个人认为这个还是比较好的人生道路理念.(英语水平有限,特中文留言)

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          生命总是有走到尽头的时刻,世间生物经历生、老、病、死,无论是想自杀的;或是其他原因接近死亡,求生的欲望都是那么的强烈; 不管死亡对于我们来说是多么的可怕;我们总归是要面对的;珍惜有限的生命去创造无限的美好,我个人认为这个还是比较好的人生道路理念.(英语水平有限,特中文留言)

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        生命中包含着苦难和悠忽无常. 谁也不能选择自己的时代或他那个时代的环境······ 对自由的体验使我们能够超脱过去的苦难和历史的挫折. 在这种灵性中包含着人性的本质,包含着每个人赋予他生命的必然性的独特之处,包含着使人宁静的自我直觉.

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