ABBA put an old song in MAMAMIA,it’s "money money money"
when a whole nation consider money as the center , without and modest or sth like that , could be very horrible.
Do a decision, then accept all the things happen after it. Or continue, change, or I don’t know yet.
Today, sun shines again after the noon, except my eyes still stay two lines everything going fine again.That’s life, a friend said Everything gonna be ok when I was brushing my teeth.

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3 Responses to ABBA

  1. arthars says:

    Everything gonna be ok when I was brushing my teeth.

  2. 蓉(Alexia) says:

    Anthother thing should be mentioned is why the graduates or the university students always surprise and can not stick ,that\’s "thanks to"the chinese education who isolates the social and the school.
    Just like60\’s American and Janpan,China is walking as the same step as they have just done,but hope we can avoid some bad phenomenons!

  3. says:

         我们不断地品尝与体味,从中获取着得与失,饮食如果与爱情搭上了架~  那么我们的生活也就增添了些许乐趣–爱情麻辣烫……

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