If we live without electricity

It’s a very old topic.But if there’s one day , I mean just one day no electricity, I will be very happy with that.
The most simple explanation for Inflation is that: prices go high.
Originally one eggpan 1.4, now 1.8
                     fried-dumplings 1.5, now 1.8
                     illegal taxies specially for universities’ students in remote area course to downtown 10, now 15~20
                     small bottle of yogurt 2.9, now 3.5
Then all medias here will stop to say anything about pig, or just say a lot about the inflation mondiale.
So there comes up a solution
no electricity… with the life born with sunrise and down with sunset. The people you know faraway now you’ve got to see eachother in real.It will be much more natural and nice.You are close, not close with computer\mobile\fax\etc.,but with a real person.
Many people will die naturally not with machine; many people will get back with some land.
Life will be slower, and I don’t know…maybe it’s time to cook by my own hands for some day.
Really few few time to write and work very soon.
So try to lead a life without electricity when you’re sleeping, just like me;)

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  1. says:

    Well done!

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