Eat Art-Kunsthalle Dusseldorf



2009 11 28 – 2010 2 28


丹尼尔 斯伯里Daniel Spoerri 在其位于Burgplatz 的餐馆开业两年后,于杜塞尔多夫艺术馆创办了“通吃天下——关于食物的艺术展”。这位瑞典艺术家于1970年创立了“吃的艺术”画廊Eat Art Gallery,并激发了无数艺术家利用可食用材料及食物废料来进行艺术创作的灵感。展览标题“通吃天下 Eating the Universe”是由彼得 库贝卡Peter Kubelka于1970年提出的,这位法兰克福孔斯特艺术学院Frankfurt Städelschule的前电影及烹饪教授,主持一档从艺术角度谈烹饪的电视节目。这个展览的持续影响力是空前的,它提起了公众关于食物——这一日常生活的必备基础要素对于艺术及生活本身的意义的高度关注,尤其是诸如富裕与饥饿这样的社会棘突问题,反消费主义及反全球化运动, 现代营养学及烹调节目秀,亚健康危机和快餐文化等。

此次的展览由两部分组成,主要展品均是丹尼尔 斯伯里Daniel Spoerri的精选藏品,同时也有吃的艺术画廊中近年来最为重要的一些作品,大多利用广泛的可食用材料进行创作,形式包括雕塑、装置、工业化器械等;并打造了一间厨房作为特别展位——厨房,作为极富创意、创造力和社交性的社会舞台,从美食学角度展现了其媒体、媒介影像。部分作品深刻反映了当今富足物质社会的行为模式,消费文化及具体有形性,包括饮食本身的不规律之美。也有作品玩味地探讨了我们在日常生活中如何超现实、隐蔽或怪诞地对待食物。

Eat Art, a term coined by Daniel Spoerri for art made with and involving food, has its institutionalized origins in Düsseldorf. Two years after opening his restaurant at the Burgplatz, the Swiss artist founded the EatArtGalleryin 1970 and inspired numerous artists to produce various editions made of edible materials and food wastes. The exhibition “Eating the Universe” — a title created in the 1970’s by Peter Kubelka, former professor for Film and Cooking at the Frankfurt Städelschule, for a TV-show about cooking as an artistic genre — takes generous stock of the phenomena from today’s perspective and traces the original character of eat art from its origins until today. The exhibition demonstrates the continuing great attraction of the topic of food as a fundamental interface of art and life and its enormous relevance until the present day, especially against the backdrop of issues such as affluence and hunger, the anti-consumerism and anti-globalization movements, modern dietetics and cooking shows, health crazes and fast food.

The exhibit is structured into two sections. Based on select seminal works by Daniel Spoerri, as well as some of the most important multiples created for the Eat Art Gallery, the small historical part of the exhibition traces the origins of Eat Art and presents a reconstruction of the gallery and its activities. The main part of the exhibition features a wide range of more recent work dealing with the use of edible materials. They include sculptural takes on the aesthetic materiality of food, work that tests the boundaries of good taste and revulsion or that breeds organisms under the conditions of industrial food production. The kitchen as a creative and social production site is just as much an issue as the media impact and marketability of gastronomical performances. Some works reflects the behavioral patterns of our affluent society, consumer culture and corporeality, as well as ideals of beauty and eating disorders, other pieces play with the surreal, cryptic or grotesque aspects of the way we handle food in our everyday lives. The exhibit includes important international loans, as well as objects and performances developed especially for the project by selected artists.

List of Participating Artists:
Sonja Alhäuser, Arman, BBB Johannes Deimling, Christine Bernhard, Joseph Beuys, Michel Blazy, John Bock, Paul McCarthy, César, Arpad Dobriban, Dustin Ericksen/Mike Rogers, Lili Fischer, Thomas Feuerstein, Anya Gallacio, Carsten Höller, Christian Jankowski, Bernd Jansen, Elke Krystufek, Peter Kubelka, Richard Lindner, Gordon Matta-Clark, Antoni Miralda und Dorothee Selz, Tony Morgan, L.A. Raeven, Thomas Rentmeister, Zeger Reyers, Philip Ross, Dieter Roth, Mika Rottenberg, Judith Samen, Shimabuku, Daniel Spoerri, Jana Sterbak, André Thomkins, Rikrit Tiravanija, Günther Uecker, Ben Vautier, Andreas Wegner, Günther Weseler.

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