Christina Ray画廊借社交网络之力在纽约发起艺术寻宝

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纽约报道——Christina Ray画廊最新发起的“任务:编辑”(Mission: Edition)是一个邀请制的版画展览与公共空间寻宝项目,参展的艺术作品来自一批受邀加入的艺术家,嘉宾策展人Genevieve与Liz Dimmitt从所有作品中挑选出了六件,用限量丝网版画重新演绎,并在纽约的多家画廊进行联展。在此期间,每一版中的五件都会被放置在纽约市的“秘密”角落,所有人都可以通过Foursquare来接受寻找每幅版画的小提示。

此次受邀的艺术家包括:Ryan Brennan, Amanda Burnham, Judith Hoffman, Joe Iurato, Pim Palsgraaf和Alex Waxman。每位艺术家都有一件原创艺术品的版画参加此次联展,“任务:编辑”(Mission: Edition)的开幕酒会将在本周四,7月15日晚间7点至9点在Christina Ray画廊举行,展览延续至8月1日。

“任务:编辑”(Mission: Edition)作为画廊支持当代艺术、科技与创新项目的活动之一,检视了人与空间的关系,鼓励人们来探索城市空间,将人们带出画廊,带进真正的开放城市空间,同时也是带入更广阔的艺术展示世界。画廊总监Christina Ray构想并发起了这个项目,灵感来源于她曾参与创办的无数公共空间项目,其中包括纽约每年一度的孔福禄克斯艺术节(Conflux Festival)。此次的嘉宾策展人Genevieve与Liz Dimmitt曾策划了众多互动艺术项目,其中包括与在线画廊Gawker Artists(的合作,去年夏天与街头涂鸦艺术联盟MOM & POPism的合作等等,而此次的展览也是来自六位参展新兴艺术家的创作媒体从旧到新的探索之旅。

放置在公共空间的版画所处具体位置将一直保密,直到他们被发布在地理社交网络平台Foursquare上,每次新的版画被放置到城市空间中,Foursquare用户“Mission Edition” (将会登录并在所处地理位置留一个暗号。此前,Foursquare已与Conflux艺术节合作过类似的网络项目,并以其对街头艺术与城际游戏的支持而闻名。想要参与的朋友只需在Foursquare上加“MissionEdition”为好友,或在推特上跟随@missionedition来获取即时更新。

每件版画都会在坐落于费城、具有传奇色彩的1026空间(Space 1026)由专业版画师手工制作而成,作为首屈一指的“地下艺术摇篮聚集地之一”的创意联盟,1026空间是一个独立的、由艺术家运营的生气勃勃的艺术机构( 。CHRISTINA RAY 画廊的一名签约艺术家Mark Price,同时也是Space 1026的前成员,将亲自指导版画制作过程。每幅版画都会标有艺术家的亲笔签名与限量编号,并由布鲁克林装裱公司(Brooklyn’s Downing Frames)度身裱框。此外,在展览期间,每幅版画作品也可在画廊网站(上进行在线购买。

CHRISTINA RAY画廊是一家创新画廊,也是纽约创意产业的催化前沿机构之一,其策展理念植根于心理地理学(psychogeography),旨在发现并展示探索人与空间关系的最重要的当代艺术创作。


Christina Ray Presents Social Media-Powered Art Treasure Hunt in NYC

NEW YORK, NY.- Christina Ray presents Mission: Edition, an invitational print exhibition and public-space treasure hunt. From a pool of invited artists, guest curators Genevieve and Liz Dimmitt have selected six artworks to be re-interpreted as limited edition screenprints for the group exhibition. Prints will be exhibited in the gallery – and distributed throughout New York City. During the run of the show, five prints from each edition will be placed as gifts somewhere within the city. Locations will be announced via Foursquare with a tip on how to find each print. Artists include Ryan Brennan, Amanda Burnham, Judith Hoffman, Joe Iurato, Pim Palsgraaf and Alex Waxman. An original work by each artist will be presented alongside his or her print in the exhibition. A reception celebrating Mission: Edition will take place at the gallery on Thursday, July 15 from 7 to 9pm and the exhibition runs through August 01.

Mission: Edition underscores the gallery’s commitment to supporting contemporary art, technology and creative projects examining the relationships between people and places. By encouraging the exploration of one’s urban surroundings, this exhibition aims to take people out of the gallery as much as bring people in. Gallery Director Christina Ray conceived of the project, drawing on her experience producing numerous public-space events including the annual Conflux Festival in New York. Guest curators Genevieve and Liz Dimmitt have produced interactive art projects including the online Gawker Artists features, last summer’s street and graffiti art celebration MOM & POPism and …In With the New, an exhibition exploring the shift from old to new media through the works of 6 emerging artists.

Locations of the public-space gift prints will remain secret until they are announced via the location-based social networking platform Foursquare. Each time a new print is released into the city, Foursquare user “Mission Edition” ( will check in at the drop spot with a hint. Foursquare has previously been involved with the gallery-produced Conflux Festival and is known for its support of street art and urban games. Add “MissionEdition” as a friend on Foursquare and follow @missionedition on Twitter for additional updates.

Each edition of prints has been hand-pulled by printmakers at the legendary Space 1026 in Philadelphia, a creative community that has “survived as one of the mainstays of the underground art scene” and remains a thriving, independent artist-run organization. ( Mark Price, a CHRISTINA RAY gallery artist and former Space 1026 member, directed the printing process. Editions are signed and numbered by the artists and custom framed courtesy of Brooklyn’s Downing Frames. During the exhibition, prints will be available for purchase on the gallery’s website at

CHRISTINA RAY is an innovative gallery and creative catalyst inNew York whose mission, grounded by the concept of psychogeography, is to discover and present the most important contemporary artwork exploring the relationship between people and places.

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