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We always need a powerful name, a powerful excuse, and a powerful way to carry on!

Dance, is beyond body move, is to involve completely, emotions and motions. You see play on the faces, you see tears and laughter in the movements.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… connected with gestures, with breeze in the wild, with people, colors, and German accent.

Dance, next to the urban grass, next to a cliff, next to a rubbish bin.

Dance, inside a cave, inside a turbine hall, inside a structure, inside a glass, inside a metro cabin.

Dance, to forget, to forgive, to remember, to revive.

Dance, till the fellow mellows with silver eyebrows.

Dance, till all the noise faint, and the world become quiet.

Dance, to praise for the rain, for the drop, and for a strength.

Dance, in the darkness, in the sunlight, in the eyesight.

Thank to this beautiful film, and we can dance while the film is dancing too…

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