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2009年6月中纽约现代艺术博物馆(MoMA)将为中国当代艺术家宋冬举办个展。 这也是MoMA第一次为中国当代艺术家举办个展,无疑也是西方了解中国当代艺术的一次契机。这次宋冬将展出的作品《物尽其用》是宋冬同其母亲赵湘源于2005年共同创作的,作品是将赵湘源女士多年来本着物尽其用的原则积攒下来的生活用品(从锅碗瓢盆到衣物家具应有尽有)分门别类的摆放出来,呈现出来是一种不可思议的历史情绪。这种行为实质上是宋冬母亲那一代人集体的生活哲学。在中国物资极度匮乏的年代,那个时候的人对待任何可以利用的物资都将充分的发挥物尽其用的原则,这是一种时代的集体智慧与潜意识。然而随着社会的高速发展,这种物尽其用的思想所遗留下来的旧物,所带来的意义却发生了变化,但是无疑这些作品是带有生活记忆与历史痕迹的。这次MoMA为宋冬举办个展,也是是对宋冬艺术探索的一次肯定。

宋冬的艺术很难被归类,具有强烈的自我风格以及学术研究价值,多年来参加了许多项目与艺术活动, 在“宋冬在北京公社”展览中,策展人冷林提出宋冬的作品具有一种“隐形式”的特征。在当代艺术纷乱的状态下,宋冬一直坚持做自己的艺术,他的很多作品都是十分日常且具有随意性的。使观众从作品中体会到一种“有”与“无”的切换,一种“公共”与“私秘”的切换。

MoMA Is to Have Song Dong’s Solo Exhibition

MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) is to have Song Dong’s solo exhibition in the coming June of 2009, which will be the first solo exhibition that MoMA, the museum for modern and contemporary art founded 80 years ago, has ever had for contemporary Chinese artists. Waste Not, the work Song Dong is going to show this time, was a collaboration between the artist and his mother Zhao Xiangyuan in 2005. Though actually is a presentation of all kinds of daily life things ranging from kitchen wares, furniture, and clothes, etc., that Song’s mother Zhao Xiangyuan has accumulated all through her life, the work will occupy a surprisingly large area. Living her early years in the harsh time, Zhao has been convinced of the idea of “waste not”, which is probably shared by many Chinese of her generation. People of that time believed that anything that can be of even a little use in their life should not be thrown away. This can be called their collective wisdom or unconsciousness to live on in extremely difficult conditions. The country’s enduring economic growth since the late 1970s has changed the living situations of its people, and the meaning of such accumulation of used life objects as well, but the “collection” of Zhao surely bear the memory of life and traces of the past.

It is always hard to categorize Song Dong’s art. Most of his works are personal, quotidian and do not seem to have a definitive purpose. In the preface to his exhibition “Song Dong in Beijing Commune”, Leng Lin, the curator, said that Song’s art has a “hidden form”. And he keeps going on his own exploration that looks so hidden in the noisy contemporary art scene. The exhibition in MoMA can be viewed both as a recognition for Waste Not and Song’s exploration of possibilities of contemporary art.

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