Antony Gormley 安东尼•葛姆雷:光圈

安东尼•葛姆雷: 在比利时布鲁塞尔xavier hufkens 画廊的“光圈”个展


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过去三年间, 艺术家 安东尼.葛姆雷 不断尝试利用巢状聚酯骨质纤维来塑造人体空间的模具,这些开放模具有四面体,立方体,十二面体甚至更为复杂的多面体。葛姆雷道:“当我从肌肤表面解脱出来的时候,我便成功完成了一项突破。”

结果便是在 xavier hufkens 画廊 空间展示的令人屏息的巨型人体雕塑, 从地板到天花板,从一面墙到另一面墙,这些聚酯人形空间模具撑满了整个空间。参观者被邀请到这些搏击传统建筑几何学的人形溶洞之中踟蹰,空虚与时间的飘渺无际感充斥心间。除此之外,身下的还只是一具躯壳,普通的躯壳用大尺寸、实际存在的谎言装饰着画廊的地板、灯光与台阶。这是截至目前葛姆雷创作的最顶天立地的人形模具系列。

‘光圈’ 探讨着空间、人与空间的缝隙、行为、材料内在的细小泡沫,乃至所有人形模具边缘与空气戏剧性调戏捉碎之间的关系。


安东尼•葛姆雷(Antony Gormley)

1950年出生于伦敦,是英国当代著名雕塑大师,曾获得1994年特纳奖(Turner Prize)和1999年英国伦敦南岸视觉艺术奖(South Bank Prize for Visual Art),因创作英国最著名的公共雕塑——北英格兰的地标《北方天使》(Angel of the North)而蜚声国际。中国观众对他的关注则更多地始于2003年3月至2004年1月由英国文化协会(British Council)主办、安东尼•葛姆雷(Antony Gormley)主导并与中国民众一起合作的大型雕塑巡回展《土地》(Asian Field)。

Antony Gormley: aperture exhibition at xavier hufkens gallery, brussels

aperture by anthony gormley
xavier hufkens gallery, brussels
september 19th – october 22nd, 2009

over the last three years, artist antony gormley has been experimenting with cell aggregates
of nesting polyhedra in both solid and space-frame forms turning the space of the body
into an open framework of tetrahedral, cubic, dodecahedral and more complex polygons
which gormley says, ‘achieves a breakthrough when released from a bounding skin.’

the result is the work ‘aperture’. the main room of the xavier hufkens gallery, from floor to ceiling
and wall to wall, will be filled with polyhedral space-frames in which the viewer is invited
to wander through. negating the orthogonal geometries of regular architecture, this aggregate
surrounds a void: a human-shaped cave at around ten times life size. at rest, the same body
is made massive and life-size and lies on the floor of the gallery up a short flight of stairs.
the other works in the exhibition explore bubble geometry through standing and falling forms
in both solid and cloud formations.

‘aperature’ is a relationship with a room, seaming a gap in space filled with the behavioral
geometry of the bubble matrix. the outer edges of this form dynamically grasp the air.

gormley’s work has always explored the body as a place rather than an object.
in aperture he takes us into a new zone of structural complexity, while at the same time
evoking the body as an open space of possibility connected with the earth as well as
the space at large. the main installation of the exhibition could be conceived of as a
space / time map in which hundreds of spheres are held in space by drawing a constellation
between them within which the body of the viewer is allowed free passage.

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