Wolfgang Laib: Frieze of Life

Wolfgang Laib: 生命的厚粗绒Frieze of Life

“生命的厚粗绒”是Wolfgang Laib在Sean Kelly画廊举办的第二个展览,作为一位毕生运用最基础的自然材料,如花粉、灰尘、甚至米饭来创作的艺术家,Laib 此次在主展厅展示了其代表作:花粉田(装置),致使整个空间都充满了一种紧张而强烈的能量,观众不仅眼见,更是身临。在副馆中展示的是一件近作:”生命的厚粗绒” ,木质的长条支架上一字排开400个手工制作的陶土罐子,罐子中填满了Laib从其设在印度的工作室附近的庙宇中收集的香灰。这一作品的数量叠加表现了一种强有力的对生命轮回的探问,以及对自然的基础普遍性及自然材料的思考。


Wolfgang Laib: Frieze of Life
October 29 through December 5, 2009

For his second exhibition at the gallery, Wolfgang Laib exhibits his life long connection to nature’s most fundamental materials, pollen, ashes and rice. In the main gallery, Laib shows one of his iconic works, a pollen field installation, filling the gallery with intense energy that the viewer can both see and feel. In the second gallery a recent work entitled “Frieze of Life” is comprised of a long wooden shelf holding 400 hand-thrown clay pots filled with ashes collected from religious temples near his studio inIndia. Cumulatively these works are a powerful testament to life’s cycles and the fundamental universality of nature, and natural materials.

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