VIP Art Fair to return February2012

VIP art fair 2.0

VIP art fair 2.0

VIP 艺博会20122月回归

纽约 VIP Art Fair,世界首届在线当代艺术博览会,正式宣布其第二届VIP 2.0将于2012年2月3日-8日举行,网址。国际顶尖画廊将展出价值$500至$1M(百万)不等的作品。

VIP 艺博会成立于2011年1月,利用互联网技术来创建实时在线的展会现场,供浏览者了解、购买来自世界前沿艺术家的作品。

展会总监Noah Horowitz解释说:“VIP艺博会从成功的实体艺博会中借鉴经验,同时面向更广大的观众,为艺术圈及全球一流艺术交易商搭建起稳固的桥梁。”

已有来自32个国家的100家画廊参展,包括拉丁美洲和中东,远超去年的进展节奏。代表画廊如Zwirner (纽约), 白立方 (伦敦), 佩斯 (纽约,北京), Hetzler (柏林), Ropac (巴黎,萨尔兹堡), Fraenkel (旧金山), Goodman (纽约,巴黎) 与Hyundai (首尔).

主办方的新任技术副总裁Severin Andrieu-Delille表示:“在去年的在线艺博会中,组织方面临了大量人流的访问与相关技术问题。相应地,我们已经完成了大幅的系统升级,增添多台服务器与带宽资源。已经通过的逐项拟真测试让我们信心满满地应对高峰访问量。”

全新的博物馆化观展系统让观者得以购买全球顶尖艺术机构的作品。增强的社交媒体植入(如Twitter 和Facebook)邀请观者即时交流、分享喜好。VIP 2.0 支持所有网络浏览器、iPad与移动设备,并保留了去年大受欢迎的功能,诸如:互动展位、VIP专区的聊天功能等。



VIP Art Fair to return February2012

NEW YORK, N.Y. VIP Art Fair, the world’s first contemporary art fair held exclusively online, announces its second fair, VIP 2.0, February 3-8, 2012, at Top international galleries will offer artworks from $500 to over $1M.

Launched in January 2011, VIP Art Fair leverages Internet technology to create a live, online marketplace to view, learn about and purchase artworks by leading artists from around the world.

Fair director Noah Horowitz explains, “VIP takes the successful model of physical art fairs and opens it to a much broader audience, empowering the connection between the engaged art community and the world’s most prominent dealers.”

Already 100 galleries from 32 countries, including additions from Latin America and Middle East, have registered to exhibit, well ahead of last year’s pace. Galleries include Zwirner (NYC), White Cube (London), Pace (NYC, Beijing), Hetzler (Berlin), Ropac (Paris, Salzburg), Fraenkel (San Francisco), Goodman (NYC, Paris) and Hyundai (Seoul).

The company’s new VP of Engineering, Severin Andrieu-Delille, states, “At our inaugural fair, systems struggled with high traffic volume and the site experienced technical issues. In response, we’ve completed major systems upgrades, adding substantial server and bandwidth resources. Significant load testing makes us confident we’ll meet peak demand, delivering a flawless, content-rich experience for our exhibitors and visitors.”

A new Museums and Editions Hall enables visitors to purchase editions from top international institutions. Enhanced social media integration with Twitter and Facebook invites visitors to join conversations and share favorites. VIP 2.0 supports all web-browsers, iPad and mobile devices and retains popular features, including interactive Booths and VIP Lounge with enhanced Chat functionality.

Increasingly, art fairs are changing the way in which art is sold. Demographics from the inaugural fair show that moving the art fair online is a welcome innovation; the week-long event drew an audience of over 40,000 visitors from 196 countries who spent more than an average of over hour on the site viewing over 200 unique artworks.

As a portal to the world’s premiere contemporary art galleries, VIP Art Fair builds technology for dealers to connect with existing clients, for would-be collectors to discover the art world, and for students, educators, critics and curators to access contemporary artists.

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