Maurizio Cattelan: All

莫瑞吉奥·卡特兰(Maurizio Cattelan)古根海姆最新个展“All(所有)


意大利人莫瑞吉奥·卡特兰(Maurizio Cattelan)被视作挑衅者、弄潮儿、当下时代的悲情诗人,他创作了近年当代艺术景观中最令人难忘的几幅图像。此次回顾展将全面回顾卡特兰的全部创作,也即展览标题“All”(所有)的来由,逾130件借自全球各地私人或公共收藏的作品将与公众见面,创作时间跨度从上世纪80年代末至最近的新作。

卡特兰的创作取材广泛,从大众文化、历史、区域民族到自省,其见解玩世不恭而深刻。 作为超现实主义者的代表人物,卡特兰创作了无数引人不安、变化多端的雕塑与装置作品,揭示了现代社会的核心矛盾。卡特兰将为此次调研展多身定制一座现场装置,在古根海姆的圆形大厅中央为卡特兰迄今为止的全部创作给出圆满归结。





Maurizio Cattelan,La Rivoluzione siamo noi(我们即革命),2000

Maurizio Cattelan,La Rivoluzione siamo noi(我们即革命),2000

November 4, 2011–January 22, 2012

much of cattelan’s artistic practice is fueled by his childhood. growing up in the northern italian city of padua, his youth was marked by economic hardships at home, punishment at school and employment in a slew of menial jobs. these early experiences have become embedded in the artist in the form of his abiding mistrust of authority and disdain for the laborious workforce which is particularly evident in much of his early artistic production.


amidst his politically and socially charged oeuvre, the artist always presents himself within, his own characteristic features acting as a mainstay of his iconography, promoting himself as an everyman, portraying himself as the fool so that we the viewers don’t have to.


offensive, truculent, cheeky can all be used to describe the gestures cattelan depicts through his sculpture. this anarchist approach extends into works which revolve around issues of his italian identity and tensions of the country’s continuously shifting political landscape. in addition a profound concentration on the mortality of forms can be found
at the core of his practice, the recurring use of taxidermy, presenting a state of apparent life, premised by actual death being used as a means of exploring this thematic concern.


this retrospective presentation of maurizio cattelan at the guggenheim museum, new york is a summation of everything the artist has produced since 1989. appropriately entitled ‘all’, each piece on show is hoisted up by rope, as if on gallows, hanging down from the iconic oculus of the guggenheim’s rotunda. in true cattelan-style, this unconventional arrangement of his work resists the traditional exhibition format. the sculptures suspended from the ceiling, as a whole, appear like a mass execution, which en masse is an overarching, tragic artwork in itself. the context of this chronological retrospective creates a site specific installation which celebrates its own futility, an ultimate sublimation of cattelan’s genre.

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